Meet the Friends


Ellah the Giraffe

As soon as one adventure ends, she starts planning the next one. Ellah is bold, adventurous and believes nothing is impossible. She loves trying new things and gets her friends into the funniest situations.

When she‘s not planning her next adventure or solving a mystery, you will find this enthusiastic giraffe rocketing around on her bike, dancing in her roller skates, or making new friends.



Ulf the Walrus

Ulf is a sensitive, risk-averse jazz enthusiast with passion for the good life. This self-proclaimed bohemian spends his days eating, sleeping and playing the Sax. Though he’s a walrus, Ulf is terrified of the water, which led to some difficulties growing up. So he decided to leave his old home behind and today he is living a happy life surrounded by his friends who love him just as he is.  



Gustav the Flamingo

 If it were up to Gustav, he would live out his entire life from his favourite chair in front of the fireplace. With a passion for books and an obsession with old maps and mysteries, this naturally sceptical flamingo mostly keeps to himself. But do not let this introverted bird fool you. Under his stubbornness hides a big-hearted loyal soul that always stick up for his friends… even if it means leaving the house and going on Ellah’s crazy adventures.