A letter from Thea


My name is Thea.

I am neither an artist nor a poet. What I am, is someone who grew up with stories, poems and art from a family who fed me with great work from Scandinavian artists. Stories became an important part of my childhood and laid the foundation for imagination, reflection and the inspiration to create. For a long time, I’ve wanted to build on this to give back and contribute to the education of children. With a degree in Psychology, an MBA and an idea that has been brewing over a few years, I decidedto start Ellah & Friends.

Today, kids grow up in a world of expectations and pressure to perform.To stay grounded and navigate this world, I believe it is important to teach our little ones to reflect, put things into perspective and build confidence. Through Ellah & Friends, I want to create a universe that fosters these important skills from a young age. The characters you meet have their own personalities and each poem has a moral that can be discussed together with your child. This is an ever-evolving project and there is still much to be done, but I hope you and your family come along on the journey. 

Big hugs,
Thea Weidemann
Founder and Creator
 Thea Weidemann, founder of Ellah & Friends